May 29, 2023

Take Her Emotionally Out Of This Universe

So, it’s Valentine’s Day today, and every guy either HATES it, or really wants to know the BEST thing to do.
Flowers? Chocolates? Gifts? Compliments? Nothing?

The truth though is that it makes NO DIFFERENCE unless you understand what comes FIRST.

And that thing that has to come first is ATTRACTION.

And what is ATTRACTIVE to a woman is a guy who is not behaving DIFFERENTLY from what he truly believes is right– whether it’s Valentine’s day or not, whether she is beautiful or not, etc.

If you want a woman to accept you for who you are, there is …

Relationship Advice For Men

Best Relationship Advice for Men

It is so easy to get confused about good relationship advice for men. It’s either important to be confident and unkind, or sweet and sensitive. Men can be so confused about what women really do want. I would suggest, that unlike the movie, you do not get electrocuted to see if you can listen to women’s thoughts.That’s flat out dangerous and dumb. It’s easier to talk to any girl friends you may have, or just follow along for great ideas.…

Relationship Advice for Women

Great Relationship Advice for Women

To get good relationship advice for women, who do you listen to? Your mom, friends, or magazine articles? You might not always get good relationship advice from any of these sources. Your mom might tell you to be demure and sweet to your partner, while a magazine might encourage you to be a little more risque and adventurous. Friends can give you a whole new perspective, and not necessarily a good one.…